If Tuscany was a woman and you were dating her

Cycling in Tuscany beautiful fields

It’s  a fact. Tuscany just keeps getting more popular. Unlike those popular girls in high school, however, who looked down on you because you were lame at sports, Tuscany welcomes you with plump open arms, an open bottle of Chianti Classico and tantalizing scents of basil and lavender. (Take that, popular high school girls, because you […]

High Water in Venice

High water in St Mark's Square, Venice

When planning our honeymoon in Venice, Italy, I read in the guidebooks that November is not the time to go because of bad weather. That sounded like the perfect time to go to me. What better way to avoid the tourist crowds jammed into St. Mark’s Square? You can actually get a seat on the […]

What to do in Venice

Longhi Bar at the Gritti

Okay, time is running out in Italy. Here are my big dilemmas about what to do in Venice: Dilemma #1: Should we take a cheesy gondola ride in Venice? It’s our honeymoon and we should be doing romantic things like gondola rides. But wait, aren’t Mark and I are too hip and urban for tourist […]

Honeymoon lessons at the Bern Bear Park

Trees make me smile

“There’s the Parliament Building,” Mark says as we enter the Old Town of Bern from the train station. Considering walkable well-preserved Bern is the capital of Switzerland, and the Parliament Building the seat of Swiss Parliament, it’s not surprising that the large domed building is imposing and stately, but I want to see the bears. “Where’s […]

Baden-Baden spa honeymoon

Baden-Baden honeymoon Carol and Mark at Brenner's Park Hotel

Other than the intravenous fluids, the first couple of days of the honeymoon have been excellent. I knew I was a wreck before I got on the plane. Planning a wedding, dealing with work stress, taking a trip to New York a week before the wedding, organizing a month-long honeymoon, taking an all night flight […]

A Park Hyatt Toronto wedding

We did it!

Mark and I are in the airport waiting to take off for our honeymoon. Lufthansa! Business Class! And all on points! Yay! But before I go, I can’t resist posting a few wedding shots. Luckily Julia Pelish, our amazing photographer sent a couple of shots even though the movers were shifting furniture out of her […]

Pre wedding panic

Calm before the storm

Yikes! How do other people plan weddings? It’s moments before the big day and not everything can possibly get done. Especially if you decide to do your own flowers. Am I crazy? Of course I am, that’s why Mark is marrying me. Who wants a clam bride, I mean a calm bride? Right, honey? Right? […]

Bridal traditions and my wedding dress rebellion

And this is only part of it

Oh, the big fat white wedding gown. It’s stalking me like a polar bear after a baby seal that’s been separated from its pod. It’s amazing the pressure one feels to put on a Cinderella or swivel-hipped mermaid gown and join the procession of brides slow-stepping down the altar. Why does it bother me so […]

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