Top European Destinations you should see

Top European destinations Prague

Asking me what my top European destinations are is like asking me to name my favourite children. And I don’t even have children. As a travel blogger, though, it’s one of the questions I get asked most often, so, in the spirit of loving all children, even the badly behaved toddlers that paint on your ecru walls with your new Trafalgar Rouge Dior […]

Best free luxury travel activities and perks

Paris street scene near Louvre

I may love luxury travel but I love FREE luxury travel even more – so I’ve combed through the tangled mess of my brain (seriously, the inside my head looks like my hair) to come up with some of the best free luxury travel activities and perks I’ve taken advantage of recently in Venice, New […]

Budapest baths

Szechenyi Baths thermal pools Hungary

“Are you looking for something?” A male attendant in white shorts and T-shirt rushes after me as I descend into a steamy tiled room, a rented sheet wrapped around my bikini and a bathing cap plastered over my top knot like a mushroom cap. The perfect outfit for a day at the Lukacs Thermal Baths […]

Swiss spas and high tech wellness vacations

Lake Geneva Swiss Spas

Oh, to have $20,000 to stay at the legendary Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland and ingest the cells from the fetus of a black sheep. (If I’d come a few years earlier I would have said inject rather than ingest, but due to EEC regulations, the shots had to stop.) Sadly, I’m not injesting or injecting at Clinique […]

VEMEX, Europe and travel insurance tips for bloggers

Let's go to Vienna!

Friday was VEMEX day in Toronto, a highlight on every Euro-loving travel writer’s calendar. It’s a media marketplace where writers meet up with tourism boards, PR reps and various Euro-centric companies to find out what’s new, what’s cool, and to help plan future trips. It was held at the swish Fairmont Royal York which always adds a bit […]

Sziget Festival in Budapest: Searching for Iggy Pop

Where's Iggy?

That Sziget Feeling By Carol Perehudoff I was cresting a hill at the Sziget Festival on Obudai Island in Budapest en route to hear the American cult singer, Iggy Pop. Looking down, I saw clouds of dust rising into the sun-baked air, hundreds of people, kiosks, tents and the back of the huge main stage. […]

Venice – Eternally Romantic

What if you're single?

Eternally Romantic, Venice Offers Plenty of Bliss – Wedded or Otherwise By Carol Perehudoff Venice – Crossing the Bridge of Sighs seems appropriate. Growing up, I’d always dreamed of honeymooning in Venice. I’ve finally made it here, but instead of sharing it with a significant other it’s just me, a red-headed guide named Franca and […]

Zurich’s chocolate chic

Put Switzerland on your wish list!

    ZURICH – When your guide’s name is Sandra Claus, sparkling lights are illuminating the streets and you’re heading to Confiserie Sprüngli, a café established by one of Switzerland’s first chocolatiers, David Sprüngli in 1859, how can it not feel festive? After all, what goes together better than Christmas and chocolate? And while the […]

Northern Spain: The caves of Altamira

A simulated cave experience

by Carol Perehudoff     ALTAMIRA, SPAIN  – Is faking it ever worthwhile? Culturally speaking, that is. I’ve come a long way to the province of Cantabria in northern Spain to see the famous cave paintings of Altamira, only to find that the Neocave I’m about to enter is a ‘conservation facsimile,’ i.e. a replica. […]

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