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Margaret Island Budapest Hungary Europe in spring Air Transat Vacation Budapest Hungary Europe

Air Transat vacations Europe: Budapest, Hungary! Let’s go!

Air Transat vacations in Europe launches flights and packages of all types and stripes to Budapest, Hungary, and here's why you should go. Oh, Budapest. How can you be so beautiful? You're old. You should be wrinkled and cranky from all those dour years of occupation, wars and revolutions, yet you're like the phoenix rising from … read more

Travel guide to Vichy, France

Travel guide for Vichy, France

Who doesn't want to visit an elegant town with a soup named after it? Yes, the town would be Vichy, France, and the soup would be vichyssoise, a cold rich soup made f … read more


One Day In

Monaco, where orange, lime green and vintage cars go together.

One day in Monaco

Looking to spend one day in Monaco? If you're planning a trip to this Riviera watering hole for the rich and famous, … read more