Mt Norquay channeling Marilyn Monroe

Channeling Marilyn Monroe on Mt Norquay

Have you been to Banff in the Canadian Rockies? Have you ever seen so many outdoorsy-looking people wearing lululemon stretchy pants and North Face windbreakers in your life? I will never be that person. I don't even know how to be that person. I'd rather spend my time channeling Marilyn Monroe on Mt … read more

Nice view of Banff, Canada

Banff, Canada, rocks the Rockies

Let's talk about Banff, Canada! Considering it's one of the very best tourism destinations in Canada, not to mention the world (sorry, I'm biased), let's talk about … read more

Places to visit in England, Roman baths in Bath

Places to visit in England

If you're going to Europe for the first time, chances are you're going to visit London. While I adore London, and used to live there (until they said, "Hey, Chickie, … read more


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