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Tortoise habitat on Moyenne Island Indian Ocean Seychelles

Seychelles Islands: Moyenne and the amorous tortoise

When it comes to visiting Seychelles islands, little Moyenne Island in Ste. Anne Marine Park is where giant tortoises roam - perfect for an excursion from the main tourist island of Mahé. Just remember, tortoises have the right away! "Are you sure you want to stay behind?" asks Tina, my guide on my daylong snorkelling adventure … read more

Rappelling Cenote Maya Riviera Maya

Cenote Mexico Adventure

Looking out the plane window on our flight to the Riviera Maya, watching the lights of Toronto shrink into specks as we rose into a still-dark sky, I was thinking of … read more


One Day In

Monaco, where orange, lime green and vintage cars go together.

One day in Monaco

Looking to spend one day in Monaco? If you're planning a trip to this Riviera watering hole for the rich and famous, … read more

Nice view of Menton South of France

One day in Menton

If you have one day in Menton in the South of France, there are two obvious attractions: lemons and Jean Cocteau. A … read more