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Blogging on the Road – St Moritz, Switzerland

It's not easy to keep up a blog while traveling - especially when you're exploring the Engadin St Moritz region of Switzerland with a group of travel writers and your time is not your own. But how could I not pause to blog about St Moritz, Switzerland, the elite of the elite of the ski world and a superb summer destination as wel … read more

Travel guide to Vichy, France

Travel guide for Vichy, France

Who doesn't want to visit an elegant town with a soup named after it? Yes, the town would be Vichy, France, and the soup would be vichyssoise, a cold rich soup made f … read more


One Day In

Monaco, where orange, lime green and vintage cars go together.

One day in Monaco

Looking to spend one day in Monaco? If you're planning a trip to this Riviera watering hole for the rich and famous, … read more