Travel writing – print versus blogging

Where's the festival?

Print versus blogging. Will the topic ever go away? The shouting has definitely simmered down to a grumbling now that blogging has become more entrenched in the mainstream writing world. But just in case the blogging versus print debate never dies down, let’s jump in! I was thinking a lot about print versus blogging last night […]

Why I’m scared of ShesConnected

If I had fur I'd fit in

I signed up for a blogging conference in Toronto this weekend. She’s Connected is a ‘social network for women’ and the tagline for the ShesConnected Conference 2012 is ‘Connecting Brands and Influencial Women.’ I’m a woman. I engage in social networking. I should fit right in. So why am I frightened?     Reason I […]

Twisted reasons we travel

What makes you want to sail away?

  It was a twisted tale of a cult-like killer in India that motivated me to take off on one of  my first trips abroad. Yes, yes, I know that’s not normal and I’m not proud of my motivations but the story was so bizarre and riveting, about a mesmerizing man, Charles Sobhraj (with an oddly-compliant […]

Ouch! Slammed in the media

Detoxing in Germany

I was going to write a post called Slammed, swindled and stupid – a great start to 2012,  but then decided that I would stick with Slammed in the media, since my swindle event and my stupid event are still a bit raw, but slammed is more entertaining. Why I was slammed in the media My name […]

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