Kissing Babies: My ‘Best Luxury Travel Blogger’ campaign

Best Luxury Travel Blogger

So. You may have noticed from the icons and links plastered around this site that I’ve been nominated for USA Today’s 10 Best Luxury Travel Bloggers Readers’ Choice Awards. Oh, you haven’t? Let me enlighten you: I’ve been nominated for USA Today’s 10 Best Luxury Travel Bloggers Readers’ Choice Awards. And now it’s down to crunch time. Voting […]

Travel writing – print versus blogging

Where's the festival?

Print versus blogging. Will the topic ever go away? The shouting has definitely simmered down to a grumbling now that blogging has become more entrenched in the mainstream writing world. But just in case the blogging versus print debate never dies down, let’s jump in! I was thinking a lot about print versus blogging last night […]

Why I’m scared of ShesConnected

If I had fur I'd fit in

I signed up for a blogging conference in Toronto this weekend. She’s Connected is a ‘social network for women’ and the tagline for the ShesConnected Conference 2012 is ‘Connecting Brands and Influencial Women.’ I’m a woman. I engage in social networking. I should fit right in. So why am I frightened?     Reason I […]

Harvard Summer School – not your average summer vacation

Oh, those hallowed halls

It’s not often you have someone who REALLY hates your writing in a workshop, but it can happen. It happened to me at Harvard Summer School so many years ago. I think I’d blanked it out, but when my Harvard roommate Shiho, from Japan, visited me a couple of days ago it brought these wonderful […]

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