Banff, Canada, rocks the Rockies

Nice view of Banff, Canada

Let’s talk about Banff, Canada! Considering it’s one of the very best tourism destinations in Canada, not to mention the world (sorry, I’m biased), let’s talk about what Banff, Canada is; where Banff, Canada is; and why you should go there. (Because it’s wonderful! Sorry, I’m biased). Why is Wandering Carol biased about Banff, Canada? […]

Amazing Rocky Mountaineer Wildlife Photos. Not.

Amazing Rocky Mountaineer wildlife photos chipmunk

Many people are jealous of my astounding photography. And I’m fairly sure I’ll win an award with the amazing Rocky Mountaineer wildlife photos I captured on The First Passage to the West rail trip from Vancouver to Banff. I don’t want to brag (yes I do!) but these shots are one of a kind. You see, anyone with […]

How Not to Meet People on the Rocky Mountaineer

Wandering Carol on the train

Meeting people on the Rocky Mountaineer is one of perks of taking this scenic train trip through the Canadian Rockies. But what’s the secret of ever-lasting rail popularity? If you want to know how to impress others without once shouting ‘All Aboard’ at the top of your lungs, read on. With these foolproof tips you can’t go right wrong. All aboard! […]

Rocky Mountaineer Scenic Train Routes

Scenic train routes Rocky Mountaineer

Waiting to board the Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver I’m excited about many things: the caffeine in the station lobby, the possibility of seeing WILDLIFE , the certainty of seeing MOUNTAINS and the bagpipe music that is giving us a big sendoff. FYI: I’m not sure how bagpiping fits into a luxury train ride through the Canadian […]

Overnight layover in Abu Dhabi Airport, safe?

Flying over Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways

Okay. I admit I was nervous about transferring overnight in Abu Dhabi when I flew Etihad Airways to the Seychelles from Toronto. A lot of questions were crowding my head: Is Abu Dhabi safe for a woman travelling solo? Do I have to cover up? Is the Abu Dhabi Airport a mass of confusion? Is an overnight layover in […]

5 useless facts about New Hampshire

Useless facts about New Hampshire, pond in Campton

Do not forget about New Hampshire! This New England state, bordered by Quebec, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and the deep blue Atlantic (a whopping 18 miles of coastline – don’t get lost) may be a bit of a sleeper state next to superstars such as California and New York, but these useless facts about New Hampshire […]

Five fun facts about Niagara Falls

The realm of the daredevil

Water thunders, tourists gasp and geysers of mist rise up like steam from a witch’s cauldron. A very big cauldron. Yes, it’s the ever-popular Niagara Falls I’m talking about. Overdone tourist destination? Of course, but when a destination hasn’t lost its lustre in more than a century, you now there is something worth seeing – […]

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