Overnight layover in Abu Dhabi Airport, safe?

Flying over Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways

Okay. I admit I was nervous about transferring overnight in Abu Dhabi when I flew Etihad Airways to the Seychelles from Toronto. A lot of questions were crowding my head: Is Abu Dhabi safe for a woman travelling solo? Do I have to cover up? Is the Abu Dhabi Airport a mass of confusion? Is an overnight layover in […]

5 useless facts about New Hampshire

Useless facts about New Hampshire, pond in Campton

Do not forget about New Hampshire! This New England state, bordered by Quebec, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and the deep blue Atlantic (a whopping 18 miles of coastline – don’t get lost) may be a bit of a sleeper state next to more in-your-face superstars such as California and New York. However. Without New Hampshire, a […]

Five fun facts about Niagara Falls

The realm of the daredevil

Water thunders, tourists gasp and geysers of mist rise up like steam from a witch’s cauldron. A very big cauldron. Yes, it’s the ever-popular Niagara Falls I’m talking about. Overdone tourist destination? Of course, but when a destination hasn’t lost its lustre in more than a century, you now there is something worth seeing – […]

Beauty queens of High Park Zoo

Gentlemen prefer blondes

Let’s face it. These animals have not mastered the art of grooming. I bet they’ve never plucked an eyebrow hair in their life. They are not going to picked to become reality TV stars or to Star in the Amazing Race Canada. They need our help. They are the animals of loveable little High Park […]

Who worked at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel?

Banff Canada

Isn’t it a Canadian ritual? Taking a pilgrimage out West after university or high school to drink, party, hike and have fun? No, no, no. I mean to work hard, further your career, grow into a mature adult and enjoy the majesty of the Canadian Rockies.   What better place to go than Banff, Alberta, […]

Life lessons learned on the beach in Koh Samui

Palm reading

Little did I know that when I came to Thailand I would find deep and wondrous wisdom on the beach. And now, dear readers, I will impart these life lessons to you: 1) It’s never too late to change direction (if a tree can do it, so can you). 2) And if you should think […]

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