One day in Johannesburg and my bruised traveller’s conscience

One day in Johannesburg, South Africa, visit Houghton

When a lanky young man in Soweto, one of the most notorious townships in South Africa, approached me gesturing angrily, my mind went as blank as an unpainted canvas. First fear crept in. Then curiosity. Then, strangely enough, relief. Not because it looked as if he wasn’t going to storm the van and slap the camera out of my hands after all, but because he was […]

What to do in Cape Town, to make you love it

What to do in Cape Town visit Table Bay

Standing on Cape Town’s Signal Hill, a south-easterly wind nudging my back and a lone tree straining towards the Atlantic as if it were ready to dive in for a swim, it occurred to me that if you’re wondering what to do in Cape Town you should think outside the box. Wait! I changed my mind. Think both inside and […]

Fun things to do in Cape Town, Food Foraging at Table Bay

Things to do in Cape Town, urban foraging experience at Sea Point Promenade

I’m looking out onto the Atlantic from Cape Town’s Sea Point Promenade. It’s low tide. Layers of rock lie stripped bare revealing shallow pools, seaweed and star-shaped shells. Waves froth in the distance. It’s romantic, it’s moody, it’s South Africa. I should be thinking profound thoughts. What I’m really thinking is that limpets creep me out. Fun things […]

Unique Hong Kong day tours

Hong day tours fishing village

Who doesn’t love Hong Kong, rich in culture and dripping in luxury? And who doesn’t love Hong Kong day tours that involve Petty Person Beating ceremonies, Ding-Ding trams and salted egg yolk-making workshops? I know, right? Authentic Hong Kong at its best. Let’s all go. Yes, yes, I know that what you want to do […]

North Korea – pig roast at the DMZ

Let's dance!

Talk about big news! A new regime in North Korea! So, will North Korea open up its dark doors a squeak now that it’s a new day and a new – yet dynastically related – leader? As the Swiss-educated Kim Jong Un takes on the role of Supreme Leader (why can’t I be a Supreme […]

Visiting Puglia in Italy

Let's fish

PUGLIA, ITALY – You might call this a small group if you think travelling with 50 people is small. Compared to say, the population of Mumbai it might be tiny, but for a bus tour of southern Italy it’s pretty major. Imagine when you have to make a bathroom stop – especially as our group […]

Truffle pigs wallow in travel

I'm a pig! Let's travel!

When I met British-born Jack Dancy last night at a Trufflepig party and learned he was an expert on travelling in France, I told him my boyfriend and I were planning a French vacation this year. “We’ve rented a villa in Languedoc!” I said. “Where exactly?” This is when I realized I have only a dim notion of where […]

Photo tour of Wales

A Welsh souvenir

  From bad taste to spectacular scenery …   Wild ponies ….   Limestone cliffs   And more cliffs   Signs of spring   And of course, sheep    Wales is a (sorry for the bad pun, but how can I not say it?) Wale of a time. And now that I”m covered in bruises […]

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