Spa for free at Niagara-on-the-Lake

Swim here! Pillar & Post Hotel

If you love going to the spa but hate the big bill at the end of your delightful indulgence (why can’t spas be government subsidized like they are in Czech Republic and France? Sure, they’re more healing-spas than pamper-spas but they’re still heavenly to me), then here’s a contest you won’t want to miss. Spa-travel [...]

The beer miracle continues – first it makes you beautiful, then it wins you free travel to Mexico for life. Ole

Just another day getting cleansed by a witch in Mexico City

  First we learned why beer makes other people look hot. We also learned why beer spas, with their healing and skin-soothing properties, can make you look hot. Now it gets even better. Now you can be sizzlin’ sun-in-the-wintertime hot on a Mexican beach and once again, it’s thanks to beer. The Mexico Tourism Board, itravel2000 [...]

The travel writing posse strikes again

Amy goes to the ball

So many things are happening in the Toronto travel-writing world that I don’t know where to begin. So I’ll start where all good things begin … with rejection. Yes, I just got rejected by the Ontario Arts Council for a grant. I’m quite proud of my rejections, my personal favourite being the Banff Centre of the [...]