Watrous stained glass secrets

Watrous stained glass windows

The town of Watrous, Saskatchewan, in Canada came into being in 1906 so what’s it doing with 500-year old stained glass windows?   The Christ Enthroned Window, along with St. Peter and St. Paul, were once on the lam, that’s what they were! But don’t worry, they have achieved permanent residency status in Canada, so […]

Remembering the war in Normandy

Dieppe Memorial August 19, 1942

After a trip to Normandy last June, Remembrance Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Even though it was a trip celebrating Impressionist art, it was impossible not to be affected by the devastation of the war. Here’s a whirlwind visit: Dieppe The Dieppe Memorial August 19, 1942, is  a special place. […]

The Vestal Virgins of Rome

A sacred place

  You can’t shed the blood of a Vestal Virgin without angering the gods. That’s why the Vestal Virgins were buried alive if they got caught fooling around – no blood was spilled but they still got their punishment. (They also got a loaf of bread in their tomb, not that that would be a […]

Mystical Wales in a red glitter bus

A groovy way to tour

It’s not often you make a pilgrimage in a red sparkly disco bus, but Wales is a land of novel experiences. Along with 4 other writers, our Welsh guide, Steven, and a tattooed driver named Rocky, we sailed down to St Davids, the smallest city in Wales. Really it’s a wee town, but since it has a […]

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