Quebec leaf peeping fall

Leaf me alone!


It’s a juicy landscape in Quebec right now and I kept thinking of fruit, not leaves, when I looked around: like blood oranges dripping scarlet, and limes and grapefruit. And lemons, and well, you get the picture. No, wait! I got the pictures – what a photo op – and here are some of my favs:


Picture perfect


This best-ever-press-trip (thanks Tourism Quebec!) took place in the Quebec region of Lanaudiere and la Mauricie, better known to you and me as that place between Montreal and Quebec City. The photo above is of a nordic spa called Natur’Eau.


Nice colours!


This is Wolf River at a stellar property called Auberge la Baluchon. Wolf River, or Rivière-du-Loup, is the Paris Hilton of landscape. It always begs to be photo’d. (Sorry, Paris – maybe I’m wrong.)


I’m gorgeous and I know it


So here it is again, Wolf River. Even in the fog it’s stunning.


How do I look from the angle?


And again.


We’re everywhere!


But it wasn’t all leaf peeping in Quebec. A girl’s gotta rest:


I’m happy


That’s the little nordic spa at Baluchon.

And a gal’s gotta play …


Fun, yet crisp


The kayaking was at a woodsy lodge called Lac Taureau, located – wait for it – on scenic Lac Taureau.


Also fun, yet crisp


And then she has to rest some more. This time at another Nordic Spa called Kinipi (above) in Trois-Rivieres. I also rested at La Source, yet another nordic spa (are we beginning to suspect Quebec was settled by Vikings, not the French?), but I don’t want to dwell on how rested I am. We’re here to talk about leaves.


Proudly Canadian


With colours like this it’s truly an amazing time of year to travel, so I suggest you get to Lanaudiere and la Mauricie in a hurry …


I’m naked!


Because it won’t last for long.







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  1. says

    You little wood nymph! Fabulous images. You’re making this Canadian homesick.
    So glad you had a chance to relax after all that strenuous foliage-photo-taking!

  2. Rebecca Minton says

    You look like the green men carvings in Roselyn Chapel in Scotland only female and orange and red. When we painted in southern Quebec is was so beautiful but also so crisp as you say. It’s a pity we didn’t know to do some hot water Nordic resting. I love your article, found your humor wonderful and am deeply envious. Great photos.

  3. says

    The leaves-in-your-hair photo is the best pic of you, ever, Carol, I vote you make it your new avatar! Those baths look amazing, I can almost smell the woodsmoke. Such an atmospheric post.

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