Dumb Blonde Moment at TIFF

Dumb blonde moment at TIFF making it happen sign

Another film festival, another dumb blonde moment at TIFF. This, people, is my glittering life. And this is the Toronto International Film Festival. After my adventures at the Cannes Film Festival, in which 1) I had a gun pulled on me and 2) was asked to pose for a German magazine showcasing – and I quote – […]

Toronto ice storm takes city by … storm

Ice Storm Toronto

“Is that a tree on the President’s House?” I ask Le Husband as we’re driving down a Rosedale street in Toronto. “Isn’t that the University of Toronto’s President’s House?” Mark stops. “Oh, oh.” A huge branch, at least a foot and a half in diameter, has slammed down onto the roof. Things like this have […]

A Park Hyatt Toronto wedding

We did it!

Mark and I are in the airport waiting to take off for our honeymoon. Lufthansa! Business Class! And all on points! Yay! But before I go, I can’t resist posting a few wedding shots. Luckily Julia Pelish, our amazing photographer sent a couple of shots even though the movers were shifting furniture out of her […]

Pre wedding panic

Calm before the storm

Yikes! How do other people plan weddings? It’s moments before the big day and not everything can possibly get done. Especially if you decide to do your own flowers. Am I crazy? Of course I am, that’s why Mark is marrying me. Who wants a clam bride, I mean a calm bride? Right, honey? Right? […]

Wedding shoes at The Room at the Bay

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Of all things to get emotional about when getting married, I wouldn’t have thought wedding shoes. But weddings are strange beasts, drawing out tears, fears and sentimentality like toxins leaching from a sweating body. When I made an appointment at The Room at the Bay, the upscale fancy-fancy section of the Bay to finally choose […]

Living it up at InterContinental Toronto Centre

Wasn't that a party?

I am never the last one to leave a party. Never! I have even informed Mr. Mark the Fiancé not to expect me to stay at our wedding reception past 10 p.m. So what was it about the 10th Anniversary Party for the InterContinental Toronto Centre that had me rocking on to the bitter end? What is […]

Shangri-La Toronto has a new look

The Rising and the new look at Shangri_la

What is it with Shangri-La Toronto Hotel and fashion? First my recent weekend there gets me completely obsessed with designer shoes and then a slim few days later I’m back to celebrate their one-year anniversary (Happy Birthday, Shangri-La!) where  they unveiled new uniforms for the wait staff. Sorry, I mean, the Shangri-La Toronto unveiled a […]

Christian Louboutin and Shangri-La Toronto

Surely these would change my life!

No, I don’t own a pair of Christian Louboutins. Who pays hundreds of dollars for shoes? And the heels, totally exploitive – making dolls out of women, hobbling their freedom, creating a culture of sex-objectivity. All good points. But are they true? Or are rocking’ high shoes empowering? They are certainly addictive. Go to the […]

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