Saskatchewan – a mind-boggling experience even John Cage could appreciate

Saskatchewan has lakes, too!

Strange things happen in bogs, especially in northern Europe where all kinds of rituals and magical rites went on during the Iron Age. After visiting a bog, or muskeg, just near Waskesiu Lake in northern Saskatchewan, in Prince Albert Provincial Park, and walking the Boundary Bog Trail, I’ve become a certified bog fan. But I [...]

Watrous stained glass secrets

Watrous stained glass windows

The town of Watrous, Saskatchewan, in Canada came into being in 1906 so what’s it doing with 500-year old stained glass windows?   The Christ Enthroned Window, along with St. Peter and St. Paul, were once on the lam, that’s what they were! But don’t worry, they have achieved permanent residency status in Canada, so [...]

Mourning in Saskatchewan

Snow painting by Catherine Perehudoff

I miss many things about Saskatchewan, some that are not even gone. I still miss the old Capitol Theatre in Saskatoon, the interior reminded me of Romeo and Juliet, and it was part of my childhood. Torn down for a mall. I miss my father, William Perehudoff, an artist, who of course was part of [...]

William Perehudoff obituary

William Perehudoff - portrait of an artist as a young man

  It’s not easy dealing with the death of a loved one, and this is the loss of a much adored father. It doesn’t matter expected it might be, you’re never prepared. It’s always a shock, as if a volcano suddenly erupted in your backyard when you were expecting, perhaps, a small bonfire. But there [...]

Who needs Muskoka when you can have Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan has lakes, too!

I managed to sneak a few days in northern Saskatchewan before the end of summer, and I would just like to say this is one unsung destination. Where else can you get lakes like this? Oh, right. Muskoka has lakes. But not this lake. This is Emma Lake … And Emma Lake has abundant qualities [...]

Our Lady Peace and my most famous relative


How can Our Lady Peace be playing tonight in Saskatoon and I not be there to see them? Because, you see, Saskatoon is my hometown and Duncan Coutts, the bassist, is my mom’s cousin’s son. And my mom lives in Saskatoon. And now the band is there playing tonight. Isn’t that just somehow …. like, fate? Now, [...]

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