Is chocolate better than sex?

She likes chocolate

Is chocolate better than sex? Okay, you’ll have to answer that question yourself, but a visit to La Grivelière Coffee Farm in the Caribbean paradise of Guadeloupe, finally made me realize what chocolate addicts rave about. I’ve never been a true chocolate fan – but now I know why. It’s all the stuff they put in […]

Press trip to Guadeloupe

Working hard

Okay, so it may not look like I’m busy on my press trip to Guadeloupe, but lying in a deck chair can be misleading. There is too much to do here – between the spa, the beach, the fort, the carnival and eating lobster …. and the ferry to another island and another ferry to […]


Life's a beach

Here I am in Guadeloupe and it’s been a crazy nonstop itinerary with some very tough beach moments as you can see. And since I’m about to eat dinner …. I’ll just put photos rather than scintillating tales of this groovy French island. (Please don’t be so happy about it.) This was my fav beach […]

Early morning in the airport

Can I just say how much I hate early morning flights? I really don’t understand people who are all perky and say “But then we get the whole day there!” I’d prefer an enjoyable half day anytime, but then I’ve never been perky. The ‘there’ I’m referring to is Guadeloupe, a French island in the […]

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