Heather Greenwood Davis, National Geographic Traveler of the Year

It’s not every night you’re out swilling cocktails with a National Geographic Traveler of the Year, but sometimes the stars collide, the rain pours and you duck into the dbar at the new flagship Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto to celebrate.

Heather, Amy and Carol at the Four Seasons Toronto


















And sometimes Heather Greenwood Davis wins big. In this case, a National Geographic Traveler of the Year award!

Heather, who was with Amy Rosen and me, is, according to National Geographic Traveler (along with the other winners) a “boundary breaker who explores the world with passion and purpose, inspiring others to expand their horizons, ask big questions and seek new answers.”


get de drinks at dbar


















Geez. I’m still looking for the old answers and coming up with small questions, but we’re still very proud of Heather and husband Ishmael and sons, Ethan, 10, and Cameron, 8, who share the award after they gave it all up to travel the world for a year and record their adventures at globetrottingmama.com.

Personally, I think they all deserve the award for not throttling each other during a year of close contact, but according to George Stone, contributing editor of National Geographic Traveler, the Travelers of the Year stand out because they are “dedicated voluntourists, green-minded adventurers and culture-embracing pilgrims.”

Cheers to the Traveler of the Year



















Sounds good to me. Here’s what Heather has to say about all the fuss:

“The response to the award has been incredible. We have had a chance to share our story on Canada AM and Global’s The Morning Show and there has even been interest from the United States. It has been especially fun watching the boys celebrate the honour. Their school is encouraging them to share pictures and stories from the trip and there’s a presentation planned for the new year. I love that the honour has brought the story to the attention of so many people who really didn’t think it was possible to do a trip like this. We are so very honoured to have been chosen.”
And here’s what Amy has to say about Heather:
“Even though we all joke around a lot and she’s always getting me in trouble at industry luncheons, I totally admire that fact that she up and left everything that was safe and known in Toronto, and set out into the wilds of the world for an adventure of a lifetime with her family. I love that it ended up being a “best case scenario” year, and I also love that Heather’s back in town, spinning yarns like nobody’s business. And come on — National Geographic’s Travelers of the year?! There will be no living with her. (Mazel tov, Heather, Ish, Ethan and Cam!)”
And here’s what I have to say:
I love the New Four Seasons bar and their weird green Brutes cocktail, which is kind of like a Bloody Caesar without the blood. And Amy enjoyed her Nei-Negroni. And even though Heather is now famous I can’t remember what she had. The point is the dbar is the perfect way to celebrate a big win. And my big win is having friends like Amy and Heather. And even if Heather wasn’t a National Geographic Traveler of the Year I would (probably) still meet her for drinks.



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