Grail Lady Faire opens at Grail Springs Spa

The opening ceremonies for the Grail Lady Faire at Grail Springs Spa & Wellness Retreat has begun, so grab your inner goddess and head to Bancroft, Ontario. If you’ve always wished you could have your Crystal Bed Light Therapy, Intuitive Readings & Energy Channelings and sacred marketplace all in one place, then the Grail Lady Faire is for you.

Teepee Therapy Grail Lady Faire opens at Grail Springs Spa

Teepee Therapy anyone?

Memories of the Goddess

The last time I was surrounded by goddesses and the like it was at a Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, a small wacky town in Somerset, England. It was just chance I ended up there at the same time as the Goddess Conference, and since I didn’t have the spare funds to be a goddess myself, I spent the weekend watching a flock of spirited women mill around the town’s High Street in long flowing gowns, leaving flower offerings at the Chalice Well (where the Holy Grail is said to be buried) and generally going about their goddess business.

Was this for real? I mean, Goddess Alphabet Dance Meditation? Were they serious? No offence to the goddesses but this was – picture Carol making circle motions beside her head – off the scale.

Tor Grail Lady Faire opens at Grail Springs Spa

The mysterious Tor of Glastonbury – where fairies live and goddesses ascend

Rebalancing my world vision

At the same time, as I went around on my own non-goddess-y parallel journey in Glastonbury, I felt completely left out. Did the goddesses know something I didn’t? Was celebrating the Self such a bad thing? Even though I thought they were all nutsy-cuckoo, and discreetly laughing up my sleeve the entire weekend, I also recognized that they were onto something I wasn’t. As a nomadic traveller, I’d always been about the outside journey. These goddesses were travelling within.

GLF 26 laura 972 Grail Lady Faire opens at Grail Springs Spa

Travelling within at Grail Springs

Putting the goddess into action

It wasn’t until a long time later I realized that watching the goddesses had changed the way I travelled. The change was subtle, but nonetheless there. Watching these women be fearless – and shameless – about seeking an inner connection between Glastonbury and themselves tempted me to try the same thing.

So I did. And now people (like my fiance) probably laugh at me. These days when I’m travelling, I try to ground myself. I breathe deeper. I try to feel the air, or the rock, or the medieval stone buildings – to at least acknowledge whatever it is around me and my response to it. It’s a way of slowing down, of connecting and a reminder that I’m part of this world and it’s part of me – no matter how foreign the destination may be.

Grail Lady Faire

Back then, I was convinced that this kind of frenzied female goddess energy could only happen in Glastonbury but I was wrong. Oh, so wrong. People have been celebrating the feisty female spirit all over the world. The Grail Lady Faire is the Canadian equivalent, an award-winning spirt/body bash that goes on for five days.

GLF Mud Bake Grail Lady Faire opens at Grail Springs Spa

Get down and dirty with a Mud Bake at Grail Lady Faire

Talk to your angels and waken the spirit, oh my!

As I check out Grail Lady Faire’s itinerary, which includes such delights as mini-spa treatments inside the Thunder Wolf Teepee (a tent painted by artist Jo Mann of Peterborough); a Forest Illumination Walk and Abundance Circle CeremonyChoose Your Spirit Journey Workshops, Grail Morning Mantras, plenty of healing Moor Mud and, not least, custom-made Goddess photos, I see that the Grail Lady Faire is just as wacked-out as Glastonbury … only now I think that’s a good thing – and because I can’t be there still feel totally left out.


Travel facts for Grail Springs Spa and the Grail Lady Faire

Grail Lady Faire runs from June 24 to June 28, 2013.

Opening Ceremony begins with guitarist Angie Nussey, Vera Lopez, Janet Sinclair, Shawna Ross, Monica Lumney-Piercey, Kimberly Maracle, Madeleine Marentette & friends. Bring your drum and rattles, and roll where the inner spirit takes you.

Grail Springs Spa is located at 2004 Bay Lake Road, Bancroft, Ontario CANADA K0L 1C0 Tel: 877.553.5772 or 613.332.0154 (Intl). It’s a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from Toronto.
For information on travelling in the are visit Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization.
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    Thanks so much for featuring Grail Lady Faire 2013 on Spas To Love. It sounds as though you would enjoy our evening Forest Illumination Walk & Abuandance Circle Ceremony. Hope you can join us next year!

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