Baden-Baden spa honeymoon

Other than the intravenous fluids, the first couple of days of the honeymoon have been excellent.

IMG 5278 Baden Baden spa honeymoon

I knew I was a wreck before I got on the plane. Planning a wedding, dealing with work stress, taking a trip to New York a week before the wedding, organizing a month-long honeymoon, taking an all night flight and then a train is enough to tire anyone out. (Although I have to say, Lufthansa Business Class wasn’t exactly taxing and okay, the train was 1st class because of our 3-country Select Pass passes from Eurail but even so, it’s a lot on one’s plate.)

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Germany by rail, with my eyes closed

Except it didn’t seem to tax Mark, my brand new husband, who is a horse when it comes to health.

By now, he’s used to my stamina-of-a-whisper constitution but even so, I think he was a bit taken aback when I went to have a relaxation massage at the warm and lovely Devaya Authentic Ayurvedic centre on our first honeymoon stop, Germany’s pre-emminent spa town, Baden-Baden, possibly the most elegant spa town you will ever see…

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The town is lined with shops, cafes, grand hotels and spas.

IMG 5370 Baden Baden spa honeymoon

Strolling along the River Oos

The Devaya Ayurvedic centre is more than a spa. In fact, it can be quite a profound experience as Daniela Peisger, Devaya’s founder, asks about your life and goals. After taking some 24 Ayurvedic pulses (I know, you thought you had only one, right?), Daniela, an ardent Ayurvedic enthusiast who studied it in Sri Lanka, declared I had a crazy vata (Ayurvedic speak for water) imbalance and a serious case of burn out.

IMG 5443 600x450 Baden Baden spa honeymoon

A good place to renew

So, after a healing  massage with pure essential oils from Sri Lanka (which can contain up to 100 herbs!), the centre’s onsite physician, Dr Muhle, administered not one but two bags of intravenous, one of a vitamin cocktail and the other of iron.

IMG 5395 Baden Baden spa honeymoon

How’s that for a honeymoon opener? “Honey, I’ll be with you in half an hour, I just have to have some emergency intravenous.” Actually, I wasn’t that freaked out because I read that Julia Roberts had intravenous vitamins in Toronto and I’ve been curious about it ever since.

IMG 5402 Baden Baden spa honeymoon

And now I kind of have a girl crush on the two women who run the centre, who are caring and knowledgeable. They’ve  teamed up to create a partnership called The Power of Woman, an intensive all-inclusive program that mixes Eastern Ayurvedic treatments with Western medical practices, and includes a tailor-made mix of diet, healing spa therapies, detox and who knows what else.

Custom healing

It’s so customized that they only deal with 3 or 4 clients a day, who either stay in one of the six apartments upstairs or in a nearby hotel. You can also go for the day, or an afternoon. The general stay is 10 days or a week, but since many executives only have 3 days to spare, they have a program for that, too. They have an international clientele – in fact, from something like 20 countries including Canada now that I’ve been there.

The recovery

And just so you know, the next day I felt a whole lot better. Between Baden-Baden’s mild weather, the fresh air, my vitamin cocktail and the thermal water I was raring to go, so Mark and I went cycling. And I even outlasted Mark, who, probably for the first time ever, as I cycled up out of the valley where Baden-Baden sits, asked if we were there yet.

IMG 5432 Baden Baden spa honeymoon

Let’s go slowpoke!

And then we sailed all the way back down again, went for a hot drink at one of Baden-Baden’s many outdoor cafes, where – this is the best thing ever – you can curl up in a blanket and enjoy the crisp sunshine.

IMG 5485 Baden Baden spa honeymoon

And as you can see, all is now well in honeymoon land. So if you ever want a town to relax in, Baden-Baden’s your place. At least it’s working for me. And don’t tell Daniela from Devaya that I’m drinking steamed milk (my addiction), because I’m supposed to cut it from my diet but I’m working on it. Baby steps, baby steps. Today hot milk and intravenous bags, tomorrow the world.

Facts for the Devaya Authentic Ayurveda centre and Power of Woman in Baden-Baden:

The Power of Woman website is not in English, nor is the Devaya Authentic Ayurveda centre (as of yet) but they all speak fluent English. The centre is centrally located at Ludwig-Wilhelm-Platz 7. Email or for more information.

Travel by rail with Eurail. Frankfurt is a 90-minute train ride from the airport with a change in Mannheim.

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    Feeling cr*ppy but lookin’ good, Carol, especially on the bikes! I guess if you’re going to get sick on the road, a German spa town is the place to be. Have fun, lovebirds, and post more pics!

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