Edmonton art gallery trip! Woohoo!

Dorothy Knowles art in Edmonton Alberta

That’s right, folks. It’s an Edmonton art gallery trip, a wild and crazy cultural vacation to that big prairie city in the province of Alberta in good old Canada – though now I pause to think about it, Canada’s not that old. It was founded in 1867, which would make it, um (pause for calculation), 147 years […]

One day in Grasse, France

One day in Grasse France

Touring the South of France? Thinking of spending one day in Grasse? Here’s how I spent my time in this wonderfully fragrant city – and how you’ll want to spend yours. Daytrip to Grasse, France I was sitting on the train in Nice Ville Station waiting for it to depart for Grasse when a policeman […]

One day in Biot France

Flowers and stone walls in Biot South of France

I cursed the pirates as I trudged from the Biot Train Station under a blistering sun up towards the Old Town, cursed them for moving inland. I only had one day in Biot, a historic town in the South of France, and hadn’t planned on wasting my time sweating and marching uphill. What to see […]

One day in Menton

Nice view of Menton South of France

If you have one day in Menton in the South of France, there are two obvious attractions: lemons and Jean Cocteau. A sleeper of a Riviera town, and a popular resort for genteel Brits in the 1800s, Menton doesn’t get nearly the same press as glitzy Cannes or larger Nice, but it has a softly […]

How to attend an art opening in Chelsea, New York


You will be forgiven for confusing an art opening in New York’s gallery district of Chelsea with a nightclub. When I whipped down to Manhattan for two days to attend the opening of an exhibition of paintings by my late father, William Perehudoff at BERRY CAMPBELL gallery, I entered a strange and wild scene made […]

Perehudoff opens at New York gallery BERRY CAMPBELL


BERRY CAMPBELL OPENS IN CHELSEA The news is out! I’ve been sitting on this for awhile, biting my fingers to keep from typing, but it’s now official. New York has given birth to a new art gallery in oh-so-happening Chelsea, and the inaugural exhibition at the gallery, BERRY CAMPBELL, will feature Canadian Colour Field artist, William […]

What to do in Saint John New Brunswick

Why so glum?

Obviously the main thing to do in Saint John, New Brunswick, is to eat lobster, although scallops go down well, too. Once you’ve eaten lobster rolls for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll obviously want to look at the water since the Maritime city of Saint John, population 120,000, is considered the Gateway to the Bay […]

Saskatchewan – a mind-boggling experience even John Cage could appreciate

Saskatchewan has lakes, too!

Strange things happen in bogs, especially in northern Europe where all kinds of rituals and magical rites went on during the Iron Age. After visiting a bog, or muskeg, just near Waskesiu Lake in northern Saskatchewan, in Prince Albert Provincial Park, and walking the Boundary Bog Trail, I’ve become a certified bog fan. But I […]

William Perehudoff in Montreal

What goes on behind closed doors?

The art of William Perehudoff in Montreal Exciting! My sisters and I have swooped into Montreal for our father’s tribute exhibition tonight at Han Art in swanky Westmount. This will be the last William Perehudoff exhibition of the year – we need to regroup – and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes, so […]

William Perehudoff – the show must go on

Remembering my dad

It’s strange when an art exhibition turns into a tribute. What most people at the opening for my father, William Perehudoff, at Newzones Gallery in Calgary didn’t realize is that my family had arranged this exhibition nearly a year ago. Back then my father was still enjoying hot fudge sundaes from the Dairy Queen and […]

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